Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Banana Chip

Better Than Whatever

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Madagascar Vanilla-Vanilla



Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake


Garth and Alicia said...

Yes please!

Drake said...

Those look delicious! Do you give gift cards?

Gloria said...

Yes we do!

Stephen & April said...

Your cupcakes looks fabulous! Are ya'll hiring? I work at a bakery in Draper as a pastry chef and I'm looking to relocate to Provo. Please let me know. Thanks!

Jennica and Mitch said...

I am addicted! Do you ever post coupons?

Juliver said...

I lived in D.C. this summer and sampled cupcakes from all the bakeries in town. However,I just kept coming back to the Cocoa Bean's raspberry cheesecake cupcakes. They can't be beat!

Chelese said...

There is nothing better than sharing these gorgeous cupcakes with a friend. (girls "get it" better than guys though, I will say.) They are so visually appealling and then when you break down and eat one......uuuuummmmm, very pleasantly surprised. This isn't your school carnival variety cupcake, yo! No, no, let me think of the wording that was used when my ladies where hiding away from their families so they could get the maximum enjoyment out of the experience. The words were like "Glorius", and "enrapturing"
and "making me very, very, happy!"
So...thanks Cocoa Bean for bringing that bright moment of perfection into our hum drum days. Yes, the right cupcake can turn a day like that all kinds of around!