Monday, November 7, 2011

Announcing our newest cupcake!

We are excited to announce the “Bonnie Bee” cupcake as the newest edition to our menu of gourmet cupcakes here at The Bean!

Come on in and indulge yourself in the “Bonnie Bee.” A cupcake constructed of moist, mouth-watering oatmeal spice cake, topped with coconut cream custard, and completed with a swirl of smooth vanilla cream cheese frosting. However, a trip to heaven for your taste buds is not the only thing that this cupcake has to offer… “Bonnie Bee” also has a lot of lovin’ behind its creation.

The “Bonnie Bee” is close to our hearts here at the Cocoa Bean, since it is named after Bonnie Beard, cousin and mentor to Gary Rasmussen and Gloria Mugleston, the founders of The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Café.  While managing a restaurant near her home in Idaho, Bonnie employed young Gary and Gloria, and taught them the importance of good business while also serving as a mentor and teacher for Gary and Gloria’s future business dreams. Bonnie regularly included the two young entrepreneurs in the workings of the food industry: from the endeavors of the kitchen to the undertakings of the restaurant. Because of this, Bonnie was a big help in providing Gary and Gloria with the knowledge and skill to establish The Cocoa Bean Cupcake Café and its unique, creative, delicious, and amazing gourmet cupcakes and drinks.

In honor of Bonnie Beard’s contribution to Gary and Gloria’s success, we are honored to add the “Bonnie Bee” cupcake to our menu. From Bonnie Beard’s very own oatmeal spice cake recipe, the “Bonnie Bee” will be made and served to all customers searching for an incredible gourmet treat with a lot of lovin’ mixed in.

Friday, November 4, 2011

We're official & giving away cupcakes!

free cupcakes? free cupcakes!

in case your didn't know, we have an official page on facebook.

'Like' us, and then write a recommendation to your friends
{maybe about your favorite cupcakes flavor or drink}
and you'll be automatically entered to win!

once we reach 2,000 fans, every person who wrote us a recommendation is eligible to win.
did we mention the prize is a dozen free cupcakes?!

in case you get lost, the recommendations are on the right side, see?
we cannot wait to see what you have to say & who the lucky winner will be!
we are jealous already :)