Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming Soon To Provo, Utah!!

Located at 1774 North University Parkway
(in front of the BYU football field)
in the Brigham's Landing Business Complex

Opening January 2010!


LKP said...

I'm so excited, that now whether my trips are to Idaho or to Utah, you guys have got my back!, about Washington state....hmmmm? =0)

Sydney Rose said...

Hurray! I love this place! Will you guys be hiring in Provo soon?

Becky said...

I'm all too excited. Can't wait to indulge in your cupcake goodness?

You guys on twitter? Or FB?

Gloria said...

Yes, we are on facebook:

thecocoabean cupcakecafe or

The cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe

Holli said...

Sweet! are you guys hiring???

Kristi said...

I went with my friend last night to the friends and family thing at the new location in Provo and Had a frappe Carmel something or other and it we awesome. Best thing I have ever tasted. I then orderd two cupcakes to take home to my hubby thinking I am not really a sweets gal but he would love it, I opened it when I got home and and gave it a taste and holy cow it was delightful. I had a Smore and an oreo cupcake and ate the smore one last night around 1am and just finished the oreo today. All those calories were totally worth it. Will be heading to provo once a month for my new fix.

gerbdesign said...

Are you guys hiring??