Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wedding: Logan, Utah


Party In My Mouth

Cherry Chocolate Cheese Cake

Better Than Whatever

We made cupcakes for a wedding in Logan, Utah. It was so much fun! We were actually attending the wedding-so we frosted and decorated the cupcakes while at the reception.
We made about 400 cupcakes with eight different kinds.
The Wedding reception looked so amazing.
I had to post a few pictures of the decorations and set up :)


muglston family said...

Everybody is talking about the amazing cupcakes at Emily's reception! Some people couldn't decide which flavor to have so they just filled a plate and a whole table shared! We couldn't have been happier unless you open a Coco Bean in our backyard!
Your the best!

Anonymous said...

hi: i want to play live music at your cupcake store in rexburg.

my music is at:


thank you.

marilynlewis said...

We were at the wedding, the cupcakes were the best. Every time I go to Rexburg we go to the cocoa bean and we tell everyone about it. Coconut lime is the BEST!!!
The Lewis' Pocatello Idaho

LKP said...

OKAY!!!!! You've gotta add me to your cupcake lovers list!!!! I have to tell you that I had been seriously holding my breath while waiting the launch of your shop, but then my family & I moved before I got to sample the yumminess that is Cocoa Bean. CAPITAL UGH!!! So, we paid a long overdue visit to REX this last week, and one of our first stops was to your cafe, and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED IN THE LEAST!!!! Everything was delightful, and even better than I had hoped for soooo long! So, you'll have to ask a couple of the gals who were there Tues, cause I kept going on & on about how Eastern WA needed to be next in line behind Provo for expansion plans. NO JOKE! There is a huge captive audience just WAITING FOR YOU HERE!!! We wound up buying half a dozen, and we had to get 6 DIFFERENT was so INCREDIBLY delicious. We had to leave too too soon, and I'm totally kicking myself after seeing all the other different kinds you featured at the Logan reception. MOST ESPECIALLY THE RED VELVET!!!! So, I'm a die-hard CocoaBean fan. Thanks oodles for absolutely making my REX experience COMPLETE! Oodles of hugs & love from E. WA (come here PLEASE!)...xoxoxo

mark lawrence said...

Nice photos. I am sure this event was super enjoyable. At local Chicago venues I also attended a wedding that also had same color scheme for decorations. Even furniture was painted in sea green color. We had great time in that ceremony.